Radical Homecoming: Reclaiming Spaces, Identities, and Futures

April 30, 2024
(12:00 - 2:00 pm PT / 3:00 - 5:00 pm ET)

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"Radical Homecoming: Reclaiming Spaces, Identities, and Futures," a gathering at the nexus of Afrofuturism, Indigenous futurisms, and the pursuit of environmental, economic, and spatial justice -- brought together artists, cultural workers, and scholars to discuss and dream up the futures of housing, land reclamation, and the principles of radical homecoming — envisioning a world where the relationship to land, community, and space honors every individual's right to a stable, healthy home beyond the constraints of zip codes.

Dedicated to unraveling the threads of oppression and displacement through the lenses of Afrofuturism and Indigenous futurisms, our gathering seeks to craft a future that reclaims ancestral wisdom and narratives of liberation. With contributions from artists, poets, cultural workers, and scholars Edyka Chilomé, Grace Dillon, Ingrid LaFleur, Tonika Lewis Johnson, and Tanaya Winder, we engaged in presentations, discussions, and artistic performances that not only imagine but insist on the creation of abundant, safe, and healthy futures for all. This event was a call to collective action and imagination, inviting us to redefine the essence of community and belonging through the radical act of coming home — to ourselves, our communities, and the land that sustains us.

Featured Speakers:

  • Edyka Chilomé, poet
  • Grace Dillon, professor in the Indigenous Nations Studies Program, in the School of Gender, Race, and Nations, at Portland State University
  • Ingrid LaFleur, curator, design innovationist, pleasure activist, and Afrofuturist
  • Tonika Lewis Johnson, social justice artist
  • Tanaya Winder, poet

Radical Homecoming Illustrations by Onibaba Studio