Policy and Program Database

This database serves as a central hub for policies, programs, initiatives, and case studies focused on addressing historical and contemporary spatial injustices in marginalized communities. Our aim is to provide an accessible, well-organized platform for practitioners, researchers, policymakers, and advocates to explore and implement strategies that foster equitable spatial development.


  • Policies: Descriptions of local, state, and federal policies that have been enacted to correct spatial inequities and promote inclusive development.
  • Programs: A non-exhaustive list of community-led and government-sponsored programs that support reparative justice through housing, land use, and urban planning.
  • Initiatives: Innovative initiatives that highlight collaborative efforts between communities, organizations, and policymakers to reclaim and transform spaces for the benefit of marginalized populations.
  • Organizations: A compilation of organizations dedicated to advancing reparative spatial justice through various projects, interventions, and initiatives. These organizations offer practical insights and valuable lessons learned from real-world applications of spatial justice principles.

The Spatial Futures Initiative Database is committed to uplifting the narratives and solutions developed by those most affected by spatial injustice. By sharing these resources, we aim to inspire and guide efforts towards creating just and equitable spatial futures for all communities.

Explore the database and join us in the movement towards spatial justice. Together, we can transform our spaces and build a more equitable world.